Estate plans with less admin

Scale up client business and document creation with a time-saving online platform.

Increase Efficiency with Tech-Enabled Document Creation

Spend more time on client interaction and less time on administrative tasks with Todd’s online estate planning platform. Step-by-step guidance helps clients understand what decisions they need to make so you can effectively establish a trust, will or Power of Attorney on their behalf. When all their information is stored in one place, you can then more efficiently create and update their personalized estate plan. Submit a request to learn how Todd can help you prepare more estate plans for more clients.

Why Team Up with Todd

When your job is to make estate planning for families simple and understandable, having the right tools can make a big difference. Todd’s platform is designed to make estate planning easier for you and your clients. With a streamlined intake process, your clients can feel confident that their information is accurately and securely captured—and you can feel confident that you are spending your time and energy where it matters most. Get to know the benefits of using Todd for estate planning documents, including how formatted data can boost your productivity when preparing a will, trust and Power of Attorney.

Jumpstart document drafting

Access a tailored, bank-level encrypted data set to create a customized will, trust or Power of Attorney

Track plan progress

Follow plan status from start to finish to maintenance with an easy-to-manage dashboard

Grow your client portfolio

Scale your practice more quickly when you spend less time on administrative tasks

Improve client service

Speed up client intake and stay informed about life events that could impact their plan
“Todd’s platform will not only make its users’ affairs more planned, organized and up-to-date, but will also protect its users from the pitfalls associated with a disorganized, incomplete or outdated estate plan. I have represented countless clients who end up confused, frustrated, or even in litigation due to issues that could have easily been avoided. Todd will protect its users from these aggravating and expensive pitfalls.”
-  Jeff L., estate attorney