Estate planning should
be easier

Organize and manage your legacy anytime, anywhere.
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Feel more at peace and confident in your future with an estate plan that is comprehensive and kept up to date.

Estate planning doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. When you know how to plan for your future, you can feel confident in your legacy. Todd is an online platform that helps individuals get and stay organized with legacy plans through all of life's milestones. With Todd, you can:
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  • Establish and manage your holistic estate plan with expert advice along the way
  • Save time and money with a streamlined planning process
  • Preserve your financial resources for generations to come
  • Experience peace of mind knowing your loved ones are cared for
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Personalized support to plan your legacy

Legacy planning is personal, but you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you have a plan in place or need help getting started, the Todd online platform can support you in organizing and managing all of your digital estate plan information. When you choose to plan your future with Todd, you can expect:
Step-by-step guidance to add and organize plan details
Connections to vetted attorneys
for legal advice
Exclusive partner rates on
advisory fees
Seasonal plan reivews to identify possible changes to your plan
Bank-level encryption to keep your information secure
Centralized storage of key
documents and passwords

Prepare your plan on your schedule

Add key details to your digital estate plan information when it’s convenient for you. Todd’s online platform guides you step-by-step, so you can feel confident in your progress along the way.

Establish with more ease

Streamline the process of establishing a plan with WisefillTM ensuring greater speed and accuracy. By automatically extracting and processing information, our platform reduces manual entry errors and accelerates completion times. This advanced technology enables you to create and update your estate planning documents more efficiently, providing a seamless and reliable experience.

For Individuals

Building a legacy starts with a plan. And your plan should evolve with you as you move through life. Get expert support in creating and managing essential documents and information so you’re ready for the future. Start today for free.

For Professionals

As a professional working with estates, you know the importance of a well-prepared estate plan. Todd’s online platform makes it easier for your clients to organize their affairs, and for you to access and monitor your clients’ plans over the years. See how Todd can support your work as a financial advisor or estate attorney.

Let's plan together

“Most people don’t tell you how to plan for this, so having some sort of guide in place is important.”
- Heather D
“It would need to be explained to me in a really easy way…Step 1, 2, 3…That easily would prompt me to take action.”
- Raquel E
"I was well aware that I need an estate plan in place. Not having one was embarrassing. It made me feel uneasy."
- Erin Z
"If my dad had a fully documented plan in place, I would not have had to abandon his house and property when he passed away."
- Zach H
"We have recently partnered with Todd who is leveraging tech + high touch consistent client service to offer an efficient, high-caliber estate planning resource for clients."
- Andy L, Registered Investment Advisor
"Todd's platform will not only make it its users' affairs more planned, organized and up-to-date, but will also protect its users from the pitfall of an outdated estate plan."
- Jeff L, Licensed Estate Attorney

Trusted by Respect Firms & Employees

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